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EQUIPO is young and very fast developing trade company which decided to win the market with its innovative way with Clients.  

In our offer you can find not only equipment which can be assembled on already existing producing lines, but total solutions supported by technical knowledge as well.
EQUIPO does not employ salesmen, but technical higher educated specialists that are ready to support you with their knowledge before, during and after investment. Also you can count on our specialists help even if you do not decide to make an investment by buying solutions offered by us.

The proprietors staked on good contact with Clients, perfect technical supervision. EQUIPO becomes more attractive inasmuch as brings together the highest technical and technological existing suppliers for each market segments.

Furthermore EQUIPO has very good technical background and knowledge resulted from long-term experience art of printing branch and waste management and also service, which is very important sales industrial equipment activity.

„An assumption of EQUIPO is to collect producers of most technological and technical advanced equipment. the result of our approach already is our full satisfaction of equipment assembled by EQUIPO and its production effects. Whereas our Customers are satisfied to be able to produce highest quality goods and to compete with world biggest producers”.
Maciej Ochman


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